Mango Pomegranate Hair & Body Butter

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This multi-purpose butter is our CEO's favorite! Mango Pomegranate strengthens damaged hair, reduces the appearance of scarring, anti-aging, lightens dark under eye circles, hydrates dull hair, removes buildup on scalp, and stimulates hair growthExpect a bright, bold, fruity aroma.


Ingredients: Made with Mango Butter, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Cupuaçu Butter, Kokum Butter, Vitamin E


Multi-Purpose Uses:

Body Moisturizer: Moisturize dry skin without toxic ingredients commonly found in lotions and creams. Rub butter into palm and massage into damp skin for a luminous glow!

Styling Cream: Add natural shine to your hair while enhancing your curls and minimizing frizz. Rake butter through damp hair from ends to scalp.

Cleansing Balm: Remove dirt and impurities from your face without leaving your skin feeling dry or stripped of its natural oils. Rub butter on skin in circular motions for 60-120 seconds. Wipe off with a clean warm towel.

Lip Moisturizer: Prevents chapped and cracked lips the natural way. Apply a pea size amount to your lips to daily.


Shelf Life: 12 months 

Net weight: 7 oz and 1 oz

*Natural aroma and consistency may vary* 



Do you use fragrance?

We did not add essential oils to scent this product. No artificial fragrances are used either.

Can I use this on my face?

Yes! You can use it as a cleansing balm and/or face moisturizer. If you are using the butter on your face, please remember to patch test first.

Can I use your products on my children?

Yes, of course! Our products are all-natural and non-toxic because of the safe and gentle ingredients we use.

Can men use your products?

Absolutely. We have a wonderful community of MangoMoiMen that use our products on their hair, body, face, and beard.