Understanding 4C hair and Mango Butter

Let's face it, no two naturals have the same hair care routine. There is a multitude of factors such as hair length, thickness, porosity, and most importantly, hair types. Out of all the hair types in our community, there seems to be a large confusion surrounding 4c hair for many reasons. Culturally, our perceptions of hair texture have been linked to western views of blackness. Our hair was often seen as "unkempt", "wild", and something that needed to be tamed or controlled. The closer our hair was to the standard of straight or wavy hair, the more validity and approval that we received in society. For this reason, kinkier hair types have always been seen as an afterthought in the beauty industry.


There is an extreme lack of representation for 4c hair on social media, a limited amount of research for products that work our hair type, and very few popular natural hair gurus who actually have 4c hair type. Because of this erasure, many naturals who have 4c hair have had a hard time navigating the natural hair community.  For this reason, it is important for us as a haircare and skincare company to be aware of the challenges that our customers face and make a conscious effort to not only promote representation for 4c hair types in the natural community but to also craft our products in the same light.

We've received many messages from fellow naturals who have wondered if our butters work for 4C hair and the answer is yes! Out of all the hair types, 4C hair is the most fragile and for this reason, it is key to keep your hair properly moisturized each day to prevent breakage and promote length retention. We recommend using it as the last step after your wash day to seal in moisture. Pairing Mango Butter with a hydrating agent such as aloe vera or water mixed with olive oil is perfect for twist outs and braid outs because it's lightweight feel won't hold your hair down while allowing your hair texture to have your desired definition. You can also apply daily to manipulated parts of the hair such as the hairline and the nape as a protection barrier from daily wear and tear. 


What tips do you have for other 4c naturals? What other topics would you like to learn about? Drop them in the comments below👇🏿🥭

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