Struggling to be a Part of #BeardGang? Here's Four Tips to Help You

Beards have been around forever, but as the recognition for male skin and haircare has grown, many men have taken more time to cater to their facial hair. If you follow #BeardGang on social media, you can find a wide variety of beards, goatees, and hairstyles that celebrate your natural texture. But what if you're struggling with beard fullness and growth? Here are a few tips on lifestyle changes that you can make to promote facial hair growth.


1. Find Your Skin Type

First things first, you're going to have to do some research. We all have unique hair and skincare needs and using products that aren't made for us can have a negative effect on our skin and hair. Before running to YouTube to copy someone's regime, take time to learn about your skin and hair type. Skin types are often derived into groups of normal, oily, dry, and combination and can be impacted by genetic and environmental factors. Understanding your hair type (straight vs. curly/kinky) can play an important role in hair removal as those with more textured hair are more susceptible to ingrown hair and acne around the chin.

Here's a quick breakdown on skin types: 

2. Make Sure to Moisturize Properly

While we all know that keeping your body moisturized is a must, a lot of people aren't aware of the fact that most lotions aren't suitable for the face. Body lotion is designed for thicker and coarser parts of our skin. Continued use of body lotion on your beard can attribute to lotion clumping and can cause clogging in beard follicles and stunt growth.

But hold on Speedy Gonzales, you still need products to nourish your beard. As for oil, our skin has small glands, often referred to as sebaceous glands that will excrete oil to lubricate your skin and beard. As your beard starts to grow, it is best to find a beard oil and balm to retain oil and provide a strong barrier. Here are a few that we'd recommend:


Beard Brothas Organic Beard Oil

Beard Butter 'Black' Amber Bourbon

3. Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Your diet and lifestyle play a large factor in your beard growth. Make sure that your diet consists of complete proteins such as beef, chicken, eggs and fish, and fruits and vegetables to create a balanced diet. In addition to healthy eating, regular exercise can help reduce stress and promote beard growth.

There are certain supplements that can help promote beard growth. Vitamin B5. E, C, Biotin, and Niacin are great boosts for hair growth.

4. Be Patient

Slow and steady always wins the race. Before all else, your genetics will have the biggest impact on your beard and skincare journey. Whether you manage to get a full beard or a small mustache take the time to enjoy yourself along your self-care journey.  


What are your tips for beard growth? Leave a comment below!

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