Skincare Debunked: "Lemon Oil", The Hidden Gem That You Didn't Know You Needed

Let's face it, getting knowledge on skincare can be overwhelming. There is an endless amount of information available on the latest skincare tips, new products, and reviews from influencers and estheticians. Although this can be hard to navigate, we here at Mango Moi would like to take the time to debunk and breakdown new and emerging hot topics in the skincare community. In our new series, "Skincare Debunked" we'll be giving you the 411 on your biggest questions. This week, we're discussing Lemon Oil and why it's skincare's hidden gem.

What is it?

Citrus limonum, commercially referred to as "Lemon essential oil" is extracted from fresh lemon fruit peels by a process called cold expression (a non-heated process where the fruit peel is pressed cylindrically to extract the oil). 

What are the benefits?

When diluted with a carrier oil, lemon oil can serve as a detoxifying agent that can pair with your skincare routine to exfoliate the skin and reduce inflammation. It's anti-bacterial and astringent properties can aid in reducing oiliness, acne, and overall dull complexions.

Additionally, studies have shown that the properties in Lemon Oil can also be helpful in your hair care routine! Lemon oil contains vitamin C, citric acid, flavonoid, and iron- which are important nutrients for overall hair health. For those who struggle with excessive dry scalp and dandruff, lemon oil has the ability to eliminate excess oils in the scalp to prevent buildup. In a recent study conducted in 2015, dermatologists found that citric fruits such as have the ability to adjust the pH of the scalp to 5.5 which not only helped the scalp have a level of neutrality but also reduce inflammation and the amount of dandruff on participants scalp.

How can I properly use it?

Like many essential oils, Lemon Oil typically comes in a high concentration. For this reason, it is important to implement the use of carrier oils when adding lemon oil to your routine. Carrier oils are lighter oils that tend to be less corrosive thus making it easier for us to add highly concentrated oils into our daily routine through dilution. Examples of great carrier oils are almond, rosehip and jojoba oils. We recommend adding 12 drops of your lemon oil for every ounce of your carrier of choice. 

Before throwing lemon oil into your skin or hair care routine, make sure to do the patch test for at least 24 hours. Take a small amount of your diluted oil solution and apply it to a small part of your scalp or skin on the body to avoid any sort of allergic reaction.

Because of its exfoliating properties, avoid sunbathing immediately after applying your lemon oil solution and make sure to use sunscreen at all times. We recommend using Black Girl Sunscreen's facial and body sunscreen to achieve the ultimate UV protection without the Casper residue!

Luckily for you, the lemonade vibes don't stop here! 


Lucky for you, we have done our due diligence to properly and safely incorporate lemon essential oil in our Lemonade Hair & Body Butter and Lemonade Sugar Body Scrub.

The launch date is Friday, July 17th. Stay tuned for pre-order information!

Leave a comment below on your thoughts on lemon oil and how you'd like to add it to your self-care routine!

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