8 Hair Products Every Black Person Has Used

This blog is for anyone who:

  • Spent hours sitting between their mother's legs while she slaps bubbles in your head before the first day of school.
  • Woke up early before Sunday school to get their hair pressed with the hot comb in the kitchen.
  • Spent a day trip at the salon.
  • Begged their stylist not to bump the ends but they still did!
  •  Loves a good throwback to some of the products that were a staple way, way, way back.

From running to Blockbuster to the get the latest movie to chatting with the crew on your Blackberry's after school, so much has changed since the early 2000s. In this blog, we'll be reminiscing some of our favorite products from our past.


1. Bubbles & Barrettes

Listen, I can't be the only one who loved to match their barrettes and bubbles with my outfits. Y'all were going to see me coming okay! I can remember Sunday nights before a new week of school sitting on the living room floor while my mom did my hair to reruns of The Parkers. The style always came out fresh but the pain of when that bubble slapped your skull was something fierce.

2. Crimping Iron

Am I the only one who loved Beyonce's crimped hairstyle when she was in Destiny's Child? The crimped style, paired with clear lipgloss from the beauty supply store and a pair of hoops was the ultimate hot-girl look in the early 2000s. 

3. Just for Me Relaxer

The jingle for this product still rings in my hair to this day! "Hair so soft, silky and free. I want something just for me!" For many young black girls, Just For Me was a rite of passage. Whether you're a naturalista or still dabble with the creamy crack, I'm sure that you've seen this product in the medicine cabinet growing up.

4. Oil Sheen

Oil sheen is literally the cherry on top after a fresh silk press. I can still hear the sound of my hairstylist shaking the can to give me the shine of my life! 

5. Black Gel

Many of us have a love/hate relationship with black gel. This product was a staple before edge control took over the scene and was the key to slicking back your hair for any style. My biggest gripe with this product was the flaking, by the end of the day my head used to look like winter wonderland! Oh how far we've come 😂

6. Bigen Hair Color

Now before you start dragging us, we know that not everyone used Bigen, but we're sure that there is a man in your life that still has a couple boxes in the closet on standby in the case of an emergency. Before there were scalp transplants and "man weaves", many men used this product to give their hair and beard the ultimate boost with a little coloring. This product is a reminder that self-care has no bounds when it comes to gender.

7. Blue Magic Hair Grease

This product is the ultimate OG every black hair journey. One swipe of this hair oil could have you sliding into next week!

8. Wrapp-It

I can still picture walking into a salon and smelling flat irons, hearing blow dryer working at full speed and you already know that there was a woman under the dryer with this wrapped around her head. Wrapp-it strips secured our edges and had our hair sleeked back for any style!


The nostalgia is so real! But we must admit, there a few of these products that we still use to this day! What are some of your favorite products from back in the day? Drop them in the comments below👇🏿🥭🧡

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