4 Lifestyle & Beauty Bloggers to Add to Your Rotation

Youtubers of color have been shaking up the beauty industry for a while now. Many are using their platforms to create safe spaces, promote diversity, and self-agency in the beauty world. Here are a few to add to your rotation.

1. Jackie Aina


One of YouTube's OG's, Jackie Aina has created a lane of her own. After finishing her time in the army, Jackie went against her family's wishes of her being a doctor and began creating makeup videos as a form of self-care. The main mission of her channel is to craft a space for black women and women of color in makeup one video at a time. Jackie has continuously used her platform to promote representation and has even been hands-on in the shade expansion for popular brands such as Too Faced and Nars. Her videos are loaded with tips on self-care, lifestyle with a fun twist of comedy!

Check her out here

2. Nabela Noor

Nabela Noor is a Muslim-American Youtuber who has already made a large imprint on the beauty community before the age of 30. The first American born child of Bangladeshi immigrants, Noor has intricated her culture into her makeup and lifestyle blogs while simultaneously promoting body positivity for men and women. As of 2020, shes amassed over 900k subscribers and has worked with the likes of Calvin Klein and NARS. More recently, Nabela launched a body-positive clothing brand called "Zeba" that is catered towards all body sizes.

Check her out here.


3. Broderick Hunter

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Did it get hot in here or is it just me? Popular actor and model, Broderick Hunter has taken time from working with major publications such as Vogue, GQ, and Maxim to pivot towards creating content catered towards Black men and self-care. His Youtube is filled with DIY barber videos (perfect for our social distancing kings), workout videos, and tips on beard growth and maintenance. Broderick's channel fills a well-needed void for self-care and lifestyle content that is centered around Black men. Our society still struggles with allowing men to feel comfortable with tending to themselves without compromising their masculinity, and Broderick's channel does a great job at shifting this narrative. 

Check him out here.

4. MonicaStyle Muse

MonicaStyle Muse is a lifestyle and beauty influencer from Brooklyn, New York. Her content is centered around amplifying Afro-Latinx voices in the beauty community and mainstream media. Her content is so important because the erasure of black voices in beauty and Lantix culture is ever prominent. Although Blackness is often the blueprint for new innovative trends and global culture, there isn't a lot of acknowledgment of this fact. Her videos are filled with stories of growing up in a Dominican household, her fight for equality in makeup, and tips on how to always keep that face snatched! 

Check her out here.


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